An ongoing list of the Puppy Linux derivitives for multi-core processors, here in one place, easy to find...

Welcome to Multi-Core-Puppies :)


The purpose of this page is to help folks interested in Puppy Linux find a version of Puppy that can utilize their multi-core processors. Computers are moving in the direction of multicore processors and have been for some time. We are now seeing multi-core processors begin to appear in tablets and smart phones as well.

The Puppy Linux community is moving and innovating with the times, and we are now seeing a growing number of Puppy derivitives that can utilize the multi-core technology, both 64 and 32 bit. This is called SMP (Symmetric Multiprocessing).

This wiki is a work in progress, and I just started, so be patient :)


Fatdog has been my main gig since I got a dual-core machine. Fast, stable, and the developers (Kirk & JamesBond) continue to make it one of the best Puppies available.

Lighthouse has everything. Everything. an enormous volume of stuff all ready to go upon install. I use it regularly.



Barry Kauler's best yet? Racy is clean and fast. It's my kiddo's primary gig for his school site.


This is the latest Debian Puppy (Dpup). It has the Debian repositories available, so tons of software.


If you're used to other Puppies, Saluki feels very different. It is a minimalist feeling with some elements that maybe remind me of a Mac or the Google Crome style. Seemed to perform well once I got used to the differences.


From the developer of Exprimo. SnowPuppy is a Lucid Puppy. Has the Ubuntu repositories. Actually, SnowPuppy has become one of my personal favorites. I use it almost daily.

Okay, I don't visually see a lot of difference between SnowPuppy and IcePuppy. I'm sure the differences are beneath the average user's interface. I will investigate further.

Very cool Puppy from the 4.2 series by Aragon. Retro fun. May be ideal for an older machine with multi-core processor.

I will make it a goal to update nightly, and will also invite friends from the Puppy community to lend a hand.